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Size Matters

How to measure your size?
+ We usually advise customers to measure their own shoe insole measurements(similar height) and COMPARE to the ones provided.

How to measure your shoe insole?
+ Take a long strip of paper
+ Measure from the tip of the toe to the other end

Whats the usual sizing for insole?
+ Size35 - 23.0-23.5cm
+ Size36 - 23.5-24.0cm
+ Size37 - 24.0-24.5cm
+ Size38 - 24.5-25.0cm
+ Size39 - 25.0-25.5cm
+ Size40 - 25.5-26.0cm
+ Size41 - 26.0-26.5cm

Why does the sizing runs small for certain shoes?
+ Sometimes shoe cutting are more narrow or has a longer/pointed front. Hence best to get 1/2 sizes bigger to compensate for pointed/narrow front.
+ Certain shoes are imported from China/HongKong/Taiwan where usually the cutting is smaller for the people of their country. Cutting depends on the manufacturer of the shoe it self.

Size Exchange Policy?
+ We allow exchange of sizes depending on availability of ready stock item.
+ Size exchange request must be made within 3 days upon receiving of parcel.
+ Buyer will need to bear the postage charges BOTHWAYS.
+ Once we receive the parcel is the same condition as posted out then only we will proceed in posting out the requested exchanged size.

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