On Order
  • We do not do reservations, thus sales are based on first come first serve basis. Priority will be given to customers/buyers who fill the order form with complete details and are able to make payment first, same goes to those who opt for meet ups/COD
  • No back outs once order(s) has been vertified.
  • Enquiries are NOT deemed as Confirm order(S).

On product matters
  • Prices are fixed.
  • Colour of product may vary slightly due to lighting, resolution of camera etc...
  • Please enquire clearly on interested product if you are unsure (eg: sizes/colour/material)
  • All product are brand new and in good condition. However if we do missed out some faulty products, do inform us a.s.a.p. Any request for changes/returns after 2 days of receiving of products will not be entertained.
On Posting
  • Buyers are to bear Full postage charges unless otherwise stated.
  • Posting is done from monday to saturday
  • expect parcels to arrive within 2 working days of posting
  • International shipping is available too, please enquire via email.
On Receiving of parcels
  • Usually, all parcels should arrive within 3 working days Max for post laju & post express and,
  • 5-7 working days for registered post
  • If you Do Not Receive within this period, please immediately contact the post laju hotline: 1300 300 300 for status of parcels using tracking code provided
On Delayed/Lost/Damage parcels
  • We will not be held any responsibility on lost/delay/damage of parcels.
  • Postal Methods are done via Pos Malaysia. Hence any delay, loss or damage of goods during delivery should be reverted to Pos Malaysia.
  • However, if we made any mistake on address or contact, we will fully bare the charges.
  • But if address provided to us is wrong(eg: missing street address/house number) you are responsible, strictly NO REFUNDS what so ever
On payment matters
  • All payment is done via online transfer or bank deposit to our Maybank/Cimb berhad account.
  • Do keep receipt or proof of payment at all times to avoid confusion cause remember, there will be other buyers making payment or some who could even claim they've paid but did not.

On discounts/promotions
  • As always you'll want discounts not? read below for available promotions =)
  • + Every purchases of 2 shoes, you are entitled to enjoy postage fee of RM6 only for both shoes!
  • + Every purchases of 3 items and above, you get 10% off!
* offer not valid with other promotions / sales item
On Restock orders
  • Advance payment is needed for restock orders or stocks will not be collected. This is to avoid back out buyers.
  • For items that take more than 2 weeks to arrive, we strictly will not hold any responsibility for any delays that happen as we can't control whatever happens during shipping between our supplier and the manufacturer.
  • Please DO NOT place order for restock orders if you cannot wait, escpecially if delay matter happens.
  • If items cannot be restocked will will make a full refund.
  • For any shoe exchange/size fitting please refer here
  • If you are not interested in the particular item already, do let us know A.S.A.P. do let us know and not just dissappear. A short note would do with or without reasons. We dont bite ok.
  • Deadbeat/Backout buyers will be blacklisted and NOT entertained at all.
:) happy shopping!

On Other Matters


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Size Matters

How to measure your size?
+ We usually advise customers to measure their own shoe insole measurements(similar height) and COMPARE to the ones provided.

How to measure your shoe insole?
+ Take a long strip of paper
+ Measure from the tip of the toe to the other end

Whats the usual sizing for insole?
+ Size35 - 23.0-23.5cm
+ Size36 - 23.5-24.0cm
+ Size37 - 24.0-24.5cm
+ Size38 - 24.5-25.0cm
+ Size39 - 25.0-25.5cm
+ Size40 - 25.5-26.0cm
+ Size41 - 26.0-26.5cm

Why does the sizing runs small for certain shoes?
+ Sometimes shoe cutting are more narrow or has a longer/pointed front. Hence best to get 1/2 sizes bigger to compensate for pointed/narrow front.
+ Certain shoes are imported from China/HongKong/Taiwan where usually the cutting is smaller for the people of their country. Cutting depends on the manufacturer of the shoe it self.

Size Exchange Policy?
+ We allow exchange of sizes depending on availability of ready stock item.
+ Size exchange request must be made within 3 days upon receiving of parcel.
+ Buyer will need to bear the postage charges BOTHWAYS.
+ Once we receive the parcel is the same condition as posted out then only we will proceed in posting out the requested exchanged size.

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