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My dad brought back home a parcel from his office today. I was like "What's that? Cool bag!"

And today I was also a bit hyper because my trial exams ended :P So I opened the coolly-wrapped bag *with strings and kooky logos!* and I reached for the plain black box. When I opened it, I found these pair of gorgeous silver studded heels yay! :D And they fit perfectly :D They were soo pretty, I can't believe I own something studded now! To be honest, I'm always so darn slow so all the studded clothes/shoes/items are always sold out in blogshops. But yeah, I feel a bit cool now :P * saw the stamped kooky logos in the box too :D *

And then I reached the for second box, it was the most adorable thing! *with a string too :P* So I opened the box, and found the most gorgeous pair of red heels. I'm an avid fan of shoes, and I have to say I don't have any pair in red except Converses. So, I tried it on happily like a little kid and it was a perfect fit yay! :D So, I don't need the exchange after all. My gosh, this pair is soo pretty (and light as you say it is!) <3>

Hope you can carry more stuff like this and I'm able to catch it since everytime I discover I'm interested in the item, it's sold out -_-Will shop from you soon again <3>

So, have the greatest weekend in the world! :D

From: Ethel T 16.08.09 for Miss Cassie & Studded T-bar wedges


Dear Mabel

Just wanted to thank you for your superb service . I much appreciate you sending to my house what more you cycled there, I was appall but felt lega a bit when you said good excercise :)

Its been a pleasure and hassle free dealing with you and I can assure it will not be the last time I am buying :)

I wish you Happy Holidays and I wish you will continue to have good sales and many many good customers .

Once again thank you

Hugs QiQi

P/S The shoes fit perfectly :))

Frm: Qiqi 18.09.09 for zexen calf boots


both of them fits perfectly :)
love them alot!really thanks alot ya! <33

From: Wenqi 20.09.09


Hi =),
I'm totally satisfied with this miss basics fabulous of the chili red platform and heel.soft suede material and light weight is so comforting to walkI love it much....much much

Thank you ;)
~*Alice Chua*~

Tue, Oct 6, 2009 at 10:16 PM for Miss Basics (Red)


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How to measure your size?
+ We usually advise customers to measure their own shoe insole measurements(similar height) and COMPARE to the ones provided.

How to measure your shoe insole?
+ Take a long strip of paper
+ Measure from the tip of the toe to the other end

Whats the usual sizing for insole?
+ Size35 - 23.0-23.5cm
+ Size36 - 23.5-24.0cm
+ Size37 - 24.0-24.5cm
+ Size38 - 24.5-25.0cm
+ Size39 - 25.0-25.5cm
+ Size40 - 25.5-26.0cm
+ Size41 - 26.0-26.5cm

Why does the sizing runs small for certain shoes?
+ Sometimes shoe cutting are more narrow or has a longer/pointed front. Hence best to get 1/2 sizes bigger to compensate for pointed/narrow front.
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Size Exchange Policy?
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+ Size exchange request must be made within 3 days upon receiving of parcel.
+ Buyer will need to bear the postage charges BOTHWAYS.
+ Once we receive the parcel is the same condition as posted out then only we will proceed in posting out the requested exchanged size.

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